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Trunking Cisco switch to an Extreme switch

Andrew White



I've got a couple of Extreme switches I need to trunk into one of our Cisco switches (either 2960x or a Nexus 3k).


I have VLANs 100, 110, 120, 130, 254 on my Cisco switches and the Native VLAN is 999.


Does anyone know how to configure the Extreme side to match?


I can test this in GNS3 first.  They may require it as an etherchannel, but let's get the basics working first.


The management vlan on the Cisco network is 254 ( I need the Extreme to have the same but


Does this seem possible?



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Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



the Extreme side would be something like below. Extreme by default tags all VLANs, so you have to make sure only the native VLAN is tagged. Let's say you have created 4 Vlans on the Extreme, to make port 1 a trunk port, you would need:


create vlan 1 tag 1
create vlan 2 tag 2
create vlan 3 tag 3
create vlan 4 tag 4


config vlan 1 add port 1 untagged
config vlan 2 add port 1 tagged
config vlan 3 add port 1 tagged
config vlan 4 add port 1 tagged

Thanks, how would I make port 2 and access port for a user on say VLAN 4?


Is that trunk you gave an example on by default dot1q?


Also how do I give the VLANs an IP like the SVIs on a Cisco?

Thanks I'm a little confused (doesn't take much),  you mentioned the native VLAN only needs to be tagged on the Trunk port (1), but on port 1 in your example 3 ports are tagged?

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