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Unable to ping between devices on the same VLAN


Hi all


I have two Windows devices, both connected to the same switch and on the same VLAN. The SVI for the VLAN exists on the firewall. From the firewall (and from other places in fact) I can ping one of the devices but not the other. The two devices' switch ports are configured for the same VLAN and I have confirmed they are identical by comparing their configurations using Notepad++. The arp table on the firewall shows the ip address of the one that won't ping, on the correct interface and corresponding with the correct MAC address of the device, but it won't ping and we can't connect to its database from its client whereas we can connect to the other one.


Any ideas why this might be. I have been racking my brains and I really can't think of any reason for it.


Thanks in advance



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if they are same VLAN and same subnet, host to host should able to ping.


Both the device able to ping Gateway ?


The device not able to ping please check Windows FW buit in (disable and test it)


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paul driver
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The pcs DONT require any routing so the FW isnt consultated, as long as they are share the same common subnet they should be able to reach reach each other.

Disable any software fw on the window host and test again
netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off

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