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Upgrade Supervisor 6E to 8E without a CNE involved?

We have some 4500-E switches with the Supervisor 6E that Cisco is declaring EOL.

Looking at the cost for upgrading... oddly I can buy the 8E supervisor for $2 more than the 7E supervisor...

Meanwhile the 8E is much more powerful than the 7E with much more bells and whistles and tinsel, so for $2 more, might as well?

We currently have a 5508 wireless controller, and it works, so there's no huge reason to use the 8E's converged wifi abilities yet. Is it possible to just ignore all that for now, and just directly reuse the existing 6E running-config on the 8E without hiring a CNE to come twiddle with it?

I am not a "network engineer" but I know how to load configs, upgrade operating systems, configure VLANs, and recover corrupt switch flash from the 9600 baud serial port (Ack! Thppt!).

Other than the 10-gig port configuration for ports directly built into the supervisor, is the rest of the config pretty much the same if moving from one supervisor to another without any other significant changes?

Philip D'Ath

Have you look at the cost of using the CTMP (Cisco Technology Migration Program) to trade your 4500 in for a brand new solution?

Just double check your supervisor is compatible with your chassis and cards if you are keeping the old kit.

The configs are pretty similar when moving them across.