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VPC peer not able to ping server


                   The setup I currently have is a server attached via an etherchannel to a 3560x switch, which is connected to a pair of 5548UP's that are connected via vpc. The 5548's both have a single connection to 6500 series switch that does the layer 3 routing, the ports that connect the 5548 to the 6504 are trunk ports. The problem that I am having is that one of the 5548's can ping the server that is connected down stream while the other 5548 can't. While the local switch can ping the server, and other servers on the same switch in the same vlan can ping it as well. The vlan interface I am pinging from on each switch is on the same subnet as the server I am trying to ping.

One other thing, Nexus #1 which can ping the sever has the mac address in its mac address table, while Nexus #2 doesn't. However I added the static mac entry to Nexus #2 and that did not allow me ping either.

Attached is bad drawling of what the network looks like.

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Reza Sharifi
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Hall of Fame Master

Do you have an SVI configured on the second 5548?

Can you post configs from both 5548s?

Also, what is the output of sh vpc?


Yes there are SVI's for that vlan on each Nexus.

The output of show vpc is

Vpc domain 1

Peer status                     Peer adjacency formed ok

Keep-alive status             Peer is alive

Conig Consistency          Success

Peer-vlan cons status      Success

vpc role                           Primary

peer-gateway                   Enabled

peer exluded vlans           -

I think I have narrowed the problem. It only is occuring when I put the two connections from the 3560 into a port channel that is going to the server. The server is running VMware ESXi 5.1. If I leave the ports as just access ports and not port channeled together, I am able to ping from both Nexus switches.   

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