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Srinivas N

Which is the best way to block the website on 2800

Dear Friends,

I have a 2800 router and tried so many ways to block the unwanted sites on my office network..........

Like access list ip based, null0 routing and policy map.........

Faced issues with below config

1. Creating Access-list........ very deficulty to block the sites........ with https those sites will be opend, and we cant block all the IPs

2. Creating null0 routing...... I it also a bit deficult the block maximum sites.......becuase we can't fiend all IPs for those sites

3. Policy map.. with policy map we can only 1site we can block, but not more than one........

I heard that port based routing or port based access-list are the best ways to stop the websites in my local network..

for this one i need to map the site to unsued ports then i need to null rouging or need to create the access-list........

Plz advice me which is best way and what are the config steps?

Thanks & Regards,
Srinivas. N.       

Thanks & Regards, Srinivas. N.

Guess, you want to filter the sites based on URL, right?

this is possible with application gateway firewall, on router you can either block/allow the sites on ip/port basis. If you have list with you what URL/Sites/IP has to be filter then you got two below possibilities -

1. either you can allow all that Sites/URL you know on port basis but it will deny everything else (if you won't add permit any any statement in ACL)

2. or you block those sites only what you know on port basis and allow everything else.

Please update what you looking for -

cadet alain


By far the easiest way is using a Web Proxy like Squid and do transparent proxying with WCCP between the router and the Proxy.



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Don't forget to rate helpful posts.
Joseph W. Doherty
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Hmm, can only block 1 site with a policy-map, what's you policy-map configuration look like?

As the other posters have described, dedicated appliance would probably be the best solution, but perhaps a variation of what you've already tried on your 2800 would be using NBAR to look deeper into some packet and determine whether you want to drop them; for example, HTTP URLs.