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List of Physical Dimensions and Weight of All Products

Some countries have taxes for electronical equipment.

The tax value is dependent on the physical dimensions and, more commonly, weight.

Is there any list, on the CCO, with the dimensions and weight of all products?

This information would be useful as base for a tool that can automatically calculate the tax that will have to be paid for each equipment bought from Cisco.


call the partner help line. they have a tool can give you what you looking for.

Here are the Partner Helpline numbers by theater:

I contacted the team that supports the Partner Helpline, and they mentioned the Solution Expert and Quote Builder tools. These tools use the Global Price List for quoting price, but they don't calculate shipping cost or tax.

Can you provide a little more info about the tool you are referring to, if it is not Solution Expert or Quote Builder?



Thank you for your reply.

The Solution Expert and Quote Builder are very useful and advanced tools.

However, what I needed was something more basic and simple: I needed a list of all Part-Numbers and the associated Physical Dimensions (H x W x D) and weight.

There is already a list with all Part-Numbers, with their description and GPL price, that is given to Cisco partners.

I just needed a similar list, but with dimensions and weigth instead of price.

Otherwise, one needs to manually go through the data-sheet of each equipment and manually build such a list...

Best regards.

Understand completely. Aggregating dimension and weight information from datasheets would be very useful. I will take your comments back to the Partner Helpline support team.


There is a web based, 3rrd party tool for looking up Cisco list price here perhaps weight and dim can be added to this tool

Caleb --

While your suggestion is a helpful one, any changes would be the responsibility of the third party who provides this application. You or your account manager may consider contacting the third party directly to see if they can accommodate additions.




Hello Carlos,

I'm in the same situation, did you find a solution to your case?. I need a list of all weight and dimensions of different part numbers.

Thank you.


Hello Victor.

No, I did not have a solution for this. I am currently going through each datasheet, manually, getting the information about physical dimensions and weight for each product.

Good luck.

Rui Antunes

Hello Rui Antunes,

Currently i'm looking for updated info about dims and weights of Cisco items

Here are several old files with dims and weights for Cisco itmes.

Hope it will help you.

I do not remember where I got these files from but currently none from Cisco Team can't help me. :))





Hello Rui,

After several hours with Cisco support and bouncing between different departments, a person from Egipt gave me the something usefull: Trade Tool. It doesn't have information from all products, but it may help for some of them.

Hope this help.




Thanks for helping with this issue! We weren't aware of the Trade Tool but it does look useful - FYI to others it does require a Cisco login. Will be interested in hearing from people if it meets your needs, we can share the feedback.

Thanks again,


Now i have an order gor 130 000$, and i can not sell it because i can not summerize shipping. Does anybody have right information about size, weight? Cisco you are so great company but when i am looking for information some times it is so difficult to find it!

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