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5320 registered mcu on tms does not show h323 id

jesus Barrios
Level 1
Level 1

Hi cisco I have register an mcu cisco to tms, but when shudeling conference from tms, the call routing from mcu to end point not see the option h323.

the  mcu and all the end point have check, the following option:




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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

What you're seeing is correct.  Outgoing and incoming H323 dialing in TMS will use the E164 aliases listed under the MCU, H323 and E164 are the same.  All the E164 aliases if you look in your VCS, will appear under the H323 ID that is configured on your MCU and is used by TMS to schedule conferences.

Are you having a particular problem or issue when scheduling or starting conferences?

Hi patrick my problem is when sheduling the conference the call routing from mcu to end point, i dont see the option h323 as origin from mcu, adjunt attachment:

Basically I want the mcu call end point by h323, the end point have h323 configured. 

the nearest option is sip / h323 but I want only appears h323


please help me