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Applying Macro as a TMS template pointing to ZIP file on TMS Server - Experiencing Error in TMS but not on codec

TMS version 15.10.0

Endpoint Firmware: CE9.13.0


We experienced the error when applying a macro template from TMS, we checked the video endpoint that the template was applied to and it did not show any errors with the macros.


We apply macros using TMS via template that pushes the stored on our TMS server


We have 8 .js files with code, with amounts listed below


  1. 268
  2. 227
  3. 69
  4. 231
  5. 363
  6. 372
  7. 267
  8. 287


Total lines of code = 2084


We noticed that when applying template form TMS which applied the macro zip file from the TMS server we see errors in TMS and are wondering why this error is showing up (refer to image)


We also wanted to know is there a maximum amount of lines of code for Cisco Video Endpoint Macros?


TMS Error when applying template which applies macro package...

 Macros (2).png


If anyone who knows why this error might appear I would appreciate your thoughts?

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Zac Colton
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

According to the screenshot provided, TMS is having authentication issue connecting to the device. Make sure that TMS has the correct credentials.

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