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Automatically adjust decibel level for RoomKit speakers
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Level 1

We have installed over 100 RoomKits (varying models) around our campus. It would be outstanding if there could be a way for the RoomKits to adjust the maximum decibel level for the speaker output for loud talkers. This would allow for more of a balanced audio experience, where quiet talkers could still be heard with the volume turned up, but the room wouldn't rattle when the loud talker hops on. I'm sure this is a pie in the sky request.

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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It's probably a bit "pie in the sky" for the Community Forums (mainly attended by customers and cisco partners) - your request would be best submitted as a Feature Request through your local Cisco Account Team for consideration in a future software update.

Alternately, if you want to implement something yourself a lot quicker - you can do all your audio ins and outs via an external Audio DSP which can be configured on a much higher level than you can do on a simple VC Codec.


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