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Automatically pair/unpair Touch 10 to SX80/SX20 using xAPI

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Hello Cisco Community,
I have the question about remote connecting (pair/unpair) Touch 10 to SX80/SX20.

I have two Cisco codecs in lab - SX80 and SX20 and two Touch 10.

Is it real to dynamically change the pairing for one of the Touch'es between codecs (codecs and Touches in the same network) without customer action (providing IP address of codec to connect)? 

For pair/unpair I am using the next commands from xAPI:

  1.  Unpair Touch 10 from SX80 using xCommand Peripherals Pairing Unpair (maybe I need to use first Purge and than Unpair but then I will receive the "Device not found " in response);
  2.  Connect Touch 10 to SX20 using xCommand Peripherals Connect;
  3.  Refresh the state of Touch 10 in SX20 configuration using xCommand Peripherals HeartBeat;
  4.  Pair Touch 10 to SX20 using xCommand Peripherals Pairing Pair.

As I see from codec web page - the device added properly in Setup -> Peripherals but on the Touch 10 I observe the start screen with welcome message and options to select language and input the IP address of the codec.

Is it possible to configure codec/panel automatically connect to device without input IP address on Touch 10 after start?
Are the workflow of the remote connecting described by me correct - maybe need some additional command or configuration?


Please told me if you need to know configuration of SX80/SX20.

I searched the answers in official documentation and didn't find the right answers for this question. If my research was bad and process was described in documentation - please direct me in right way, if anyone have experience with the same question - please answer.

I will be very appreciate.

Thank you.

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