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c 90

Yasir Vistro
Level 1
Level 1

Dear All

i have   c 90 with 2 Cisco external Camera. i intigrate with AMX. this is a student setup . when student press PUSH Button Camera preset call. 

i face some problem during this .

1)        when student press PUSH button  All Camera Call preset. how is set which camera call preset .

2)         In cisco total number of preset is 15  i have to 27 PUSH button how is set. 

Kindly help me if  u have any addition question pleasr let me know thanks


Yasir Vistro        

Yasir Vistro
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Level 4
Level 4

Hi Yasir,

It is important to understand the concept of Camera Presets. Whenever you save a camera preset, the preset will save all the camera positions connected to your codec. Hence, all the camera positions will be saved. When you recall that particular preset, all the cameras will come back to the same positions as they were at the time when you saved that preset.

In your scenario, if you want only one camera to move and if you wish to save the preset for one camera, I would recommend that you set any 1 camera to the postition you want and set all the other cameras to the default position. You might need to do the step above in order to save the preset for all individual cameras.

Hope this answers your question.


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

soohyung choi
Level 1
Level 1

Problems of Preset Number can be solved using  AMX.

Using "xcommand  camera preset activate(store) presetid: 1~35"

you can use 35 preset


Using "xcommand camera positionset", "xconfig  video mainvideo source: 1~2"

and saving posion in button of AMX

Camera can be adjusted individually

i have 3 Camera

can i use

Using "xcommand camera positionset", "xconfig  video mainvideo source: 1~2"    and 3 ?

is it Correct  ?

Yasir Vistro

Yasir Vistro

Dear all   .

I have 1 another query.

We have total of 3 cameras in integrated environment with AMX

How many presents can we max work?

If camera one is active and user call the preset of second camera, is it possible to Codec Change the camera source on preset.

Appreciate your quick response. Thanks

Yasir Vistro

Yasir Vistro

Hi Yasir,

Let me explain working of Preset,

when you set preset or save preset, there are two things get stored

1. Position of all connected camera using Daisy Chain or camera control

2. Main video source at the time of camera preset.

So when you activate preset it activate position of camera while saving preset and also it change main video source as per information saved in preset.


We have 3 camera and at the time of saving preset my main video source was 2.

Before activating preset my main video source is 3.

When I activate preset, main video source will change from 3 to 2 and also change position.

Hope this information will be helpful.




Yes you can this command with all of your three camera

xcommand Camera PositionSet CameraId: <1..3>  Pan:value Tilt:value Zoom:value Focus:value

xconfig  video mainvideo source: 1~3