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Changing Screen Sharing Functionality on Touch 8 Controlled Video Devices

Matt Stevenson

Hi All,

I posted this in the Collaboration User Group and got zero response so just giving it a shot here.  Thanks in advance. 

I'm quite new to this group so I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right group but I am looking for info on the future roadmap of VC Endpoints controlled with Touch 8 devices and how they show shared content.

For backstory, we do a ton of screen sharing over video at my company.  Yet over the years we have been requested to have someone in a conference room show their content on the screen without pushing to the far end.  This was easy using an EX90 in the past as you could see a preview of your screen before hitting the share button again to push to the far end but we are requested to have this on all units.  Some previous versions of TC endpoint code also allowed this on SX20s/C series in our testing (6.1, 6.1.2 from what I recall).

However newer versions of TC code (6.2, 6.3, 7.0-01) remove this and I am wondering why and if we will see it coming back.  This is technically a security issue as you should be able to see what you are going to show before showing it.  We have a growing number of Touch screens here as we think that is the future of controlling these devices but I am really curious why a functionality that is good and in many cases needed, was removed and if we'll see it again.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Matt,

i tested your query on my EX90 unit which is on TC 7.0.1

it has a touch 8 and on a live call, it has a VIEW PC key on it which display content locally on my EX90 ( not far end ) and after pressing this key, i get  PRESENT option to share it to far end.

content will  not be share with far end untill we press PRESENT key.

Hi Amit,

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I am aware that EX90's still have the functionality. I don't think I properly asked the question.

The changing functionality I've seen on Touch 8's is on *non* EX systems such as SX20's and C-series. In previous releases on these systems the screen sharing used to act the same as EX but now it does not.

Does anyone know if well see the proper functionality return in a future release?


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This is an issue in our organization (higher education) as well. We are using SX20s in several classrooms for distance education, and we rely on this capability. I don't understand why this is still possible on EX units but not on the SX20. Just adding the "View PC" button back on the touch panel would allow us to avoid installing any additional video routing equipment in our classrooms. Cisco, please give us back the "View PC" button!

I believe what you're looking for was added in TC7.3 release.  See the TC7.3 release notes, on pg 15.

Local preview of presentation in call

Allow the user to preview the presentation locally before sending to far end. This was available for EX systems previously, and is now possible across the portfolio.

I don't have a Touch 8 to test with, so I can't verify it the functionality matches that of the EX Series endpoints.

Awesome, Thank you Patrick! I will test this tomorrow and post what I find.

"Preview PC" feature is back, but it's a little more difficult to find. Users have to tap "Share," then tap the ellipses ("...") in the "PC" window that appears, then tap "Preview." It was more straightforward in the older software. Still, the functionality is back and we can work with this. Thanks for the tip Patrick!

You're welcome.

I can't mark my own reply as the answer, so maybe by chance the original poster or someone that can endorse replies can mark it and others will see there might be a solution to this if they are running older TC software.

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