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Cisco InTouch Panel Error

Peter Anders
Level 1
Level 1

  I have a Cisco Intouch 8 panle that has the exclaimation mark on all the time , and it does not boot up. I have tried rebooting it , and also tried completing the factory reset of the endpoint however it is still showing the exclaimation mark indicatior on all the time.

Has anyone seen this and what is the resolution?      

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Danny De Ridder
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


the touch panel can hold 2 software images. If the active image does not boot. one can select the other image as decribed below.

  • Power up unit
  • Press '!' directly after it lit up first time, all the Volume led will start to blink. It may be hard to time exactly when you should press "!" so please try a few times.
  • Then press 'mic off' two times.
  • Unit will now run 'selectsw' and boot up with the other image if it's present.

It is similar as factory reset procedure, but the key thing to do is to power off/on the touch and THEN hit the "!" key...

Should this procedure fail, then you will need to RMA the touch panel.