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Cisco SX20/80 camera active position time extension for third party recording.

saleem pc



I have  a query regarding CIsoc SX20/80 codecs. we are using latest ce9.7.1 software. and I need to increase the time the camera stays in active position before going to idle/privacy position. 


In my environment the HDMI out from camera is going through a video network and sending to HDMI input of codec. there is a processing and recording of video is happening in the video network. however the camera position is controlled by codec and immediately after meeting end the camera going to idle/provacy position and no more video stream. there could be some api command to extend this time. Any advice is appreciated.


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Wayne DeNardi
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VIP Advisor

You can disable the camera from going to the privacy position by setting the "StandbyAction" to "None" so the camera stays pointing wherever it curently points to.  We do this for the majority of our endpoints where we use the image from the camera for other purposes as well as for the video endpoint.

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Thanks fro advice, it works however after few minutes however the camera in active position the it hides the video from camera and sends some thing like screensaver asking "Tap the touch pannel to get started" in the video. can we disable this message hiding the video ?

If you set a custom wallpaper on the unit, then it disables some of those things (like halfawake) - but doing so will also disable some other functionality like OBTP, so whether you can do this in your environment or not will depend on whether you use these functions or not.

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