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Cisco SX20 camera randomly shaking / moving left right continuously

Hello team,


I have a "Cisco SX20 Telepresence" and i'm facing a problem that the camera moving left right and shaking continuously. Even after resetting the camera the issue still exist.

- Current software version is "TC7.3.5.a93bdb1".

- Downgrading the software will require "a valid release key to be entered after booting to the older version" which I don't have right now.


Please advise !!





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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I have seen issues similar to this in the past when lightbulbs in the room have been changed with cheap and nasty LED globes which put out a lot of spurious infra-red which can be misinterpreted as camera control commands by the camera.   As a troubleshooting step - see what happens with the camera and if it stops its random movement when the lights in the room are turned off.

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