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Codec Pro: Terminal Commands Via Better Touch Tool


Hello, I am trying to use the Better Touch Tool (With Companion) to quickly fire commands to a Codec Pro. These programs basically connect to each other and then Terminal to connect to the Codec and send the command {Better Touch Tool(used to build and store commands)>Companion (the user interface to fire the commands from BTT)>Terminal (Connects to the Codec)>Codec Pro}  We have it able to connect to the Codec, dial calls and fire off DTMF commands for Zoom just fine. However when attempting to fire a command that makes a change to the Codec itself it errors out. (Such as changing default family layout and mute/unmute the codec). However we can enter the command directly into the Codec Via API command area and it fires just fine and makes the changes to the codec. So its just having issues with terminal and Codec API commands via terminal. The scripting we are using is basically a version of this depending on what we are trying to accomplish.


tell application "Terminal"

do script "xConfiguration Video Layout LocalLayoutFamily: Prominent" in window 1

end tell


If I put the "xConfiguration Video Layout LocalLayoutFamily: Prominent" part into the API command area it takes but not via Terminal.


(Should also note we use this on SX80's as well and have no issues firing both DTMF commands and commands to make changes to the Codec)



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Sergio Quezada

Hello Jo,

      There is actually a Bulk editor you can use. CE-Deploy v.7.3.2 is out and works great.

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