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Content server cluster external database

Michel Tosu


I'm in the process of clustering two of our content servers. I have prepared most of the stuff needed but when i were about to setup the SQL instance on our SQL server we noticed that our server isn't running 3 Ghz processors as the clustering guide sets as a requirement.

My question to you guys is: Is the 3 Ghz dual processors really neccesary on a 2 unit cluster?

It feels a bit over the top, there isn't many of our servers that has 3 Ghz processors. If feels like the guide requirements is set for a 5 unit cluster and that i might get away with less than specified.

Our current sql database server is running our TMS & TMS PE databases has two Xeon processors but they are only at 1,6 Ghz. And we're running a pretty large TMS & PE deployment.

Anyone that are running the Content server cluster database on a slower cpu than required?

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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

As long as the server meets Microsoft's specifications and is capable of keeping up with the transactions, it shouldn't matter what exact speed the processor is.

We're running our Cluster's SQL database on a Virtual Windows Server 2008 R2 Machine.



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