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Controlling Cisco Spark Traffic


I am working on a project to bring Cisco Spark to my enterprise and i am trying to understand bandwidth useage and control.


My issue is that yes, spark will automaticaly reduce its bandwidth usage based on what is available (although I have not found any details on how it does this), but how do i ensure that video calls:


A) do not flood my internet bandwidth

B) do not drop to a level that is unacceptable in terms of quality


Hybrid Media Node will probably be in the mix for some of my larger sites but right now i dont know if i can utilize that for smaller sites or put it in a centralized core if there is no call admission control that will ensure my WAN is not flooded


Does anyone have any insight or experience on the best way to roll Spark out without flooding the internet links and, if possible, utilizing WAN links where i can apply QoS?





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Nuno Melo

I Have the same question,


So far i have not found a very detail explanation In the followin link you can fine some information regaring the protocols and bandwith requirements


So for A) if you reserve bandwidth to the specific signaling and media on your internet cirucit it should be ok


For B) its not so easy, since spark traffic uses internet, and internet is best effort, you cannot garantee qos (latency, jitter, qos markings) once the traffic leaves your wan circuits and enters the ISP and is routed to its destination.




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