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CUBE Videoconference Problem

Fatih Cetin

Hello everyone

A have a below scenario:

Network A --- CUCM (7.1.3) ------>SIP Trunk ----->CUBE<--------SIP Trunk<----------- CUCM(7.1.3) ---Network B

I also have a hardware video conference bridge (IPVC-3545-MCU) in network A. CUBE is set for media flow-through.

For the point to point video calls between network A and network B, there is no problem. When a video phone in network A is talking to another video phone in network A and when one of them wants to include a third video phone (which is in network B) to the conversation by creating an adhoc conference, it also works fine.

I have a problem in this scenario: When a video phone in network A is talking to video phone in  network B and when the phone in network A wants to include a third video phone  (doesn't matter in network A or B) to the conversation by creating an adhoc  conference, the last callee is succesfully join the conference but the first video phone in network B starts to get only audio from the conference. Strange enough, when a 4th phone (doesn't matter in network A or B)  is included to the conference, it is working fine. When the first phone in network B (which has only audio in conference) leaves the conference and it is added to the same conference again, it starts working fine (both audio and video).

Any idea what might be causing the problem?



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Fatih Cetin

Another (but much less complicated) problem I have is:

When there is a successful video call between user A (in network A) and user B (in network B), if user A pushes the "hold" button and then "resume" button a couple of seconds later, the calls becomes auido only (using g722 codec). If I use media flow-around in CUBE I don't have such a problem.

I wonder if it is something related with my mis-configuration of the CUBE.

Any idea is welcomed. Thanks,



Have you tried enabling SDP to pass through CUBE? So that the endpoints exchange information transparently? 

conf t

voice serv


pass-thru content sdp


Keep us updated.

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