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DX80 touch screen is unresponsive - CSCus38877

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Level 1

Due to hardware issues with the touch controller calibration causes the screen to be unresponsive and can cause phantom touches on the screen.

The phantom touches is what is bugging me since it keeps bringing up the voice menu over and over again. After the upgrade to 8.3.1, two of the three DX80's have this issue and is very distracting. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a new workaround besides having to unplug HDMI and rebooting every time?

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A post that will never die!!!

@Brian Meade , is there a way to downgrade the firmware back to Andriod if on CE? Current version ce9.

I haven't seen any way.  I tried to find some old rollback documentation with no luck.  The Android version on these was pretty old and probably pretty unusable in 2023.

Thanks, and indeed. This one it for the skip!

Hi to anyone at Cisco or in the world on this.


I have 2 units that have this problem. Ghost touching and the other completely unresponsive. No Cisco support.


Seems madness that its all due to a CE upgrade. 


But has anyone successfully DIY fixed this issue out there?

Does a new controller actually work?

Is it a SW downgrade?


Thanks for any help.

I opened it up and disconnected the 4 ribbon cables connected to the touch screen board and the unit works.   I didn't disconnect the touch screen board from the main board but instead the 3 or 4 brown ribbons connect to the touch screen board (sis9250b0gax3).  The DX80 now boots up fine but, obviously, the touch screen doesn't work.  You could use it as a 2nd monitor and control the VC part of the system through the web interface or xAPI.

Hope this help.



Im facing same issue with my DX80 after upgrading device from Android to newest CE9.15 firmware for using Webex. The only positive thing is the new USB Keyboard feature. Now you can attach a keyboard and create macros for each function and map to different Keys.

It would be nice when cisco add the possibility to pair a Touch 10 device with DX80.

Not everyone can RMA the device.