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DX80 Touch Screen unresponsive after phone call

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Level 1

Not sure if this is the same as Cisco bug CSCus38877 ...


I have a DX80 running CE9.3.0 on Call Manager 11.5.  After being on an audio or video call, the screen "locks up".  Basically, the screen shows the last image prior to hanging up the phone. You can't mouse over the screen and the touchscreen is not responsive. Interesting... I also have a Jabra USB handset connected to the DX80. If the screen locks up, I can pick up the handset for a few seconds, hang it back up and my screen works properly again.  It works but is quite annoying to have to deal with this every call. My Workstation is Windows 10 if that makes any difference.


Any Ideas?



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Rishabh Gupta
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

HI @jbuijk,


Just observer if the touch becomes unresponsive regardless of calls; if it is so that it is suspected to hit defect CSCus38877.

You can try the workaround mentioned , if you are using HDMI cable(s).

Else log a TAC Case to get it replaced.



Rishabh Gupta

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I had the DX80 and the issue went away for about 24 hours and then it came back.  Disconnecting the HDMI cable is not a solution.  While it does work, this issue occurs 99% of the time you get off of a call.


I do have a Jabra USB Handset attached to the DX80 and picking up the hand set for about 10 seconds and hanging it back up will usually correct the issue as well.  This is a million times better than the HDMI solution but it is not a fix.  As it stands, I cannot order and roll out DX80's to end users with this problem. So if anyone know of a fix, please let me know.

Are you only seeing this issue on the CE9.3.0 software, or have you tried the more recent CE9.4.0 version to see if that helps?


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I believe I have found the fix to the problem.  


I am using a Lenovo P51 laptop and the default setting in the BIOS for the Video is set to Hybrid Mode. Changed the setting to Discreet Mode and the problem of the screen locking up after a call seems to have disappeared.  I will update again if the problem reappears.


Keeping my fingers crossed!