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Equipment and Licensing

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Hello all!


Upfront, this is part of a college course I'm taking. I'm familiar with a lot of the stuff in an enterprise environment, but what I'm looking for is new to me!


Part of an assignment I have is to propose a solution for a company facing a business problem. I've decided that I want to introduce video conferencing to this fictitious company, and have come up with the following list of equipment and goals:


Goal: Allow the company to host internal conferences between it's main HQ site conference room and it's 5 remote sites' conference rooms, without having to manage their own CM, CUCM, or any other infrastructure on their side (Cloud preferred). Allow the company to host conferences that external clients and vendors/suppliers (current and potential) can join, without needing equipment of their own (I.E. they can use their own PCs or smartphones to participate in the conferences).


Equipment list:


5x Cisco WebEx Room Kit

1x Cisco WebEx Panorama

6x WebEx Plus subscriptions

6x Call Me domestic subscriptions


So my questions are:


1. Would the above setup (outside of adding displays for the Room Kits) support the stated goal?


2. Am I missing any required equipment, or more importantly, licensing subscriptions/fees for the above to support the goal?


Thank you!


EDIT: Modified to state that I would like to use WebEx cloud versus physical equipment at the company's location.

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I’m not a license kind of person so that part is out of my area of expertise, but I have a comment on the hardware list. I see you have selected the new Panorama device, is there any specific part in your use case that influence the selection of this? I’m asking because it’s by far the most expensive option out of all the available models of Room systems. You would likely be equally good off if you where to select one of the less expensive models at you HQ site also.

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Mr. Kallberg,


No particular reason, just went with whatever was top of the line for the HQ.