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Having trouble Connecting Polycom VSX to C series codecs through VCS



Our network is replacing all polycom codecs with Cisco C series. I noticed I have a problem connecting when dialing from a C40,Cc60 to a polycom VSX 8000,VSX 7000e some of the older polycoms. I have polycoms registered to VCS. With the  polycom gatekeeper function ON , the NAT feature has to be turned off in order to recieve calls from the C40, C60. This is a problem because if another polycom tries to reach that codec with NAT off it won't connect. I would like to keep the NAT feature ON with the Polycom when accepting call form C40, C20. Is this a problem the VCS can correct? Is there a string I can use in the Tandberg calling format? I know old polycoms to Tanberg string -IP address ##1234.

thanks in advance

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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

If all your devices are correctly registered to the VCS, then they should not be dialing each other via IP addresses - you should use the address you register them to the VCS with (ie, the H.323 ID or SIP URI).  This should solve your dialing NAT address issues.

The Polycom specific <IP>##1234 format is peculiar to Polycoms.  In the real world, H.323 Annex O URIs are used, so that Polycom example would become 1234@IPAddress.

EDIT: Apologies for dragging up an old thread - i didn't notice the sort order on the forums had changes and was showing ancient threads again.

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