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Help for people with one deaf ear.

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Level 1

I have a Cisco 7945 with a headset.  Because one ear is deaf, when I cover my good ear with the headset or with the handset, I cannot hear my own voice in my good ear. It sounds like I am talking underwater which is really a terrible feeling and not productive.

Do you have a telephone setting or a specific headset recommendation for people with hearing in only one ear that will allow me to hear my own voice in the earpiece?

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Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I know there have been changed in the sidetone (how much you hear your own voice in the ear peice) between different phone firmware versions, you might want to try a firmware version with this fix:, even though this was fixed on a pretty old firmware.  The sidetone value isn't configurable per phone but has to do with the phone model and firmware from what I've seen.