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How to dial direct to an IP address (a.k. point-to-point?) from Codec C40

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Level 1

We are looking to replace trusty old Polycomm and Tandberg units with a Telepresence C40.  On the old Polycomm and Tandberg units we can simply enter the endpoint IP and connect.

This C40 unit was attached to a CUCM and worked through their Gatekeeper.  We did a factory reset on the unit so we can relocate to our "Naked" IP network where it has a reachable IP address.  However we can't get it to make any calls it simply says "Connecting"  and sits there doing nothing.

The Troubleshooting->Diagnostics webpage says "The default call protocol is set to Auto, but system is not registered on that protocol".

I assume the C40 can direct-dial an IP like our earlier Polycomm and Tandberg units?

What settings should I use as DefaultCall Configuration?  At the moment it is "auto".

In H323 Configuration I have;

Mode set to Off

Profile 1
CallSetup Mode set to Direct
PortAllocation set to Dynamic

is blank
Mode set to Off
Password is blank

On System Configuration page in SystemUnit I have ContactInfo Type set to Auto.

I have no idea what I should put in E323Alias.  I assume it can be left empty?

Help to configure for direct IP point-to-point dialing really appreciated.






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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I don't see anything wrong with your settings, try to set the default call protocol to H323 and see what happens.  You should be able to leave the E164 and H323 alias blank, however if you want to put something in these fields you can.  Have you been able to confirm that you can reach the external network from the endpoint?

Phill Daniel
Level 1
Level 1

Although we dont have a C40 here, there are possibly a couple of things you could check.


SX20 - has network services tab under system configuration - we have discovered on occasion that h323 is disabled there (i dont know why that occurrs "magically")


Also check on TMS the settings for the C40 and see if the h323 is registered on the gatekeeper. It should not appear as inactive.

If not you might need to review settings and reboot.

My only other thought (as I have limited knowledge), if your environment supports SIP have you attempted to dial via SIP  (overriding the default - which could be either Auto or h323)

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