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Intermittent Call Failures Traversal VCSC/VCSE Assent 2776 TCP Probe Error


I work as a video engineer at a Cisco video reseller, and I have a customer with a solution that has been installed successfully for about 3 years, who last week complained of failures of all calls between their VCSC zone endpoints/Jabber(Movi) and their VCSE zone endpoints/Jabber(movi) clients.  We do have tech support engaged, but I'd like input if anyone has some.  The frustrating thing about tthis is the intermittent nature of the problem, and that the solution worked very well until last week.

Testing during the repeated failures show:

     --Traversal zones on VCSC and VCSE do not show Traversal zone link failure (Link stays 'green':active/active)

     --During failure, no calls can pass between the two zones  (Internal and Public) at all (Jabber<-->Jabber, EP<-->EP,  EP<-->Jabber)

     --All calls (Jabber<-->Jabber, EP<-->EP, EP<-->Jabber) registered only to VCSC continue to work during traversal call failure.

     --All calls (Jabber<-->Jabber, EP<-->EP, EP<-->Jabber) registered only to VCSE (or to Internet) continue to work during traversal call failure.

Essentially we are attempting to prove that the application works, and if so, hopefully direct the customer's network team toward a fix if this is firewall or some route/switch problem.

My main question:   Can we absolutely prove that the Assent probe failure below is not an application failure of either VCS, and how?

VCS Version at beginning of troubleshooting:  X6.0

VCS Version now:   X7.2.2 

Issues persist past the upgrade.

During call logging (Internal to external test shown below) when the system cannot pass calls, the are the following Assent-probe-related errors on the VCS C, but the VCS E shows only the Assent 2776 port probe that I believe may occur just before the call setup, then no errors/fails.

VCSC call logging errors below: 

2013-09-12T15:55:38-07:00 vcscontrol01 tvcs: UTCTime="2013-09-12 22:55:38,363" Module="network.tcp" Level="ERROR":  Src-ip="10.x.x.22"[<<Note: IP of VCSC] Src-port="15169" Dst-ip="69.x.x.x"[<<Note: IP of VCSE] Dst-port="2776" Detail="TCP Connection Failed"

2013-09-12T15:55:38-07:00 vcscontrol01 tvcs: Event="Search Completed" Reason="No route to destination - Unreachable destination" Service="H323" Src-alias-type="H323" Src-alias=""[<<Note:EP registered to VCSE]

Src-alias-type="E164" Src-alias="1234567890" Dst-alias-type="H323" Dst-alias=""[<<Note: EP registered to VCSE] Call-serial-number="6aaceb80-1bfe-11e3-941e-0010f31abf20" Tag="6aacecd4-1bfe-11e3-bfed-0010f31abf20" Detail="found:false, searchtype:Setup" Level="1" UTCTime="2013-09-12 22:55:38,364"

Any feedback would be highly appreciated.



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