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Joining Cisco Meeting Server conference with Microsoft Teams client

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Microsoft has announced that the interface between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business is now ready for use ( With this interface, I think it should also be possible to participate in a conference on the Cisco Meeting Server from a Microsoft Teams client (via Cisco Expressway with appropriate configuration for Microsoft Skye Open Federation).


First tests have shown that this works, but there is no video transmission. Only the audio stream works, but it takes a few seconds, so the participant has to wait a while until he hears something.


In the SIP-INVITE, which comes from Microsoft Teams, there is also an m-line for video (including H.264) and it is also confirmed by CMS in the 200 OK, but the stream is apparently not passed through by the TURN server.


Does anyone have any further insights?

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The announcement lists interop with the consumer version of Skype, rather than Skype for Business, so I assume this won't be able to be leveraged via CMS.

You‘re absolutely right.

Nevertheless, it seems that there is also an interop between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Skype for Business.

I‘ve seen in the trace, that a video stream is negotiated, but the CMS doesn’t allocate a port on the TURN Server. After 10 seconds the Teams/Skype Gateway sends a ReINVITE without video.

Furthermore you can see in the trace, that the CMS is announcing the same Port on the TURN Server for Audio and Video. I don‘t think, that this is correct.