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Monitoring resources on an MSE 8510 Blade

Dean O'Meara
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Does anyone know of any software availiable to monitor MCU usage & warn the administrator should ports become full?

At the minute we have to manually logon to the system and check who is using what and manually tally the port usage up, not to mention we are unable to report on when the 8510 Blade is at its busiest.

Any ideas guys?

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Dean O'Meara
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Anyone got any ideas?

TMS Analytics should give you histroical data in MCU usage for capailty planning. If you need it on the fly could you use somethign like webet to capture the staus page of the MCU into a flat file and you then manipuate this to display current  port usage.

I know of some customer that used webet with early version of codian software but not sure if it works with the newer software versions

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You can build a Syslog Server in your setup and integrate with your MCU to recieve the updates.



Dean O'Meara
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I did this but unfortunatly (Unless I missed something) the results sent back are very basic. We was looking for something to manage the port usage & should a number of ports be exceeded an alert was either displayed or emailed out.

We are currently doing this now via API. Thanks for your feedback however.

I've been looking for something of the like, as we have a set number of ports, and don't want to run into a problem we've experience in the past where we hit out max and didn't know it until it was too late.

Dean - how are you using the API to send you the data?  In what way are you receiving it, manually, email, etc?

On another note, I noiticed that there Is there a way to configure the H.323 settings to send resources to the VCS, but when I tested and configured these settings it still allowed me to add more endpoints to a call than the limit I put in allowed.

Sorry just seen this, I may know someone who could help you with this if you are still interested.

Sure, just send me a PM or email or something.  Thanks!

I will pass your details on.

Have you tried using CPCM yet? If not I would highly recommend doing so. I have attached a few screenshots of what usage reports are availiable by using cpcm.

You can also download the above into a CSV file.

I've only seen the abreviation around, but never looked at it or anything.  Not sure I can levy reasoning to purchase something, which is why I was looking around for a simple method of pulling stats for the blade to just quickly take a peak at what was going on.  So even if I had something pulled from the API or whatever, that told me we currently had x out y media ports avaliable or x conferences running with y participants, etc would be great.  Basically, something just as plain and simple would be better than nothing right now. 

If you have a Cisco account you can download the trial version of CPCM - That will give you a sneak preveiw on port usage.

Thanks, I'll take a look. If there is any info on any other methods would be great too!

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