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No Sound from Shared Video Content with SX80s and MX300s


We have a mixture of approximately 40 SX80s and MX300s that have all of the sudden lost sound for shared video content.  Previously, when we would have one of our SX80s or MX300s in or out of a conference we could play a video on the computer connected to the system and when we would share using the Touch 10 the sound for that video would play through the system.  Now when we play a video on the computer and share there is no sound going through the system.  We have not changed anything connection wise on the SX80s or the MX300s.  What has changed is that we upgraded the ce software from 8.3.7 to 9.13.  We have also upgraded the attached computers to Windows 10.  Those are the only things that have changed.  The Room Kit Pro endpoints that we have are also running ce 9.13 and Windows 10 on the computers and they are not having any sound issues.  Anyone else experienced these issues?

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Enrico Conedera
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello meeksy -

Go to the web interface of one of the codecs. Setup / Configuration / Audio.

Then scroll down to the HDMI input that you are using for the computer.  Make sure that Mode is set to On.  There is also a setting "VideoAssociation MuteOnInactiveVideo"; you could try turning that to Off, although it is not supposed to matter if you are choosing that input as a content source.

Also, you could try downgrading one of the SX80 or MX300s to CE9.12.4 as a test.

If CE9.12.4 works, but CE9.13 does not, then you would want to open a TAC case.

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