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optimal definition and a mcu



I have the following question:

I have my endpoints configured with the optimal definition profile set to High.

I use a call rate of 1472 kbps and a frame rate of 30 fps.

Between 2 endpoints (C40 for example), i will get a quality of 1920 x 1080. Thanks to the optimal definition.

What if i dial towards the mcu? Will i still receive 1920 x 1080. Or will the quality decrease to 1280 x 720?

Can the mcu handle endpoints with optimal definition set to high? Or does it only work in point to point call between endpoints?


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Martin Koch

I currenrly have to few bandwidth from here to our MCU.

But just as as a point to think about, if you talk about the Codian/Cisco MCUs, please remember

that the MCU has to be set to HD+ or FullHD mode to even allow 1080p.

As the optimal definition seems to be the way how the codec sends resolution vs. bandwidth

I would expect it to work with the MCU as well.

Also remember that good light and a proper background are important for optimal definition as well.

The parameter OptimalDefinition Threshold60fps is also someting you might want to look into.

Please check the documentation of your endpoint!

Here is a table of supported resolutions and modes by the 85xx/45xx MCUs (availabilty might be dependent

on your model / licenses)

Media port mode Resolution
nHD Up to w360p at 30fps.
SD Up to w448p at 30fps.

Up to 720p at 30fps or w448p at  60fps.


Up to  1080p at 30fps (asymmetric), or  720p at 60fps,  however, endpoints will only be allowed to send 720p at  30fps or w448p at  60fps.  The MCU will send higher resolutions by using  multi-pane layouts.

Full HD

Up to 1080p at 30fps (symmetric), or 720p at 60fps.

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