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Packet loss threshold for good audio/video and collecting statistics

Douglas Baggett
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Level 1

What does everybody here use as a threshold (Pre FEC) for packet loss? 2%? 5%?

I'm troubleshooting a network route between my clients and an MCU bridge on the Internet that does a short number of hops.

Also, is there a way to collect loss statistics over time (like with a Jabber client). I want to create a chart that shows packet loss spikes over time.


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It really depends on what sort of call rate you are using.

We run 6Mbps on private WAN links and I consider anything over 0.5% to be unacceptable.  When using the internet, I'd hope that during non-congested periods you were getting similar results.  While your connection has congestion you may well get packet loss, but I would hope you would do much better than 5% when there's no congestion - you could be looking at a duplex issue or something.

Not sure about graphing loss over time, sorry.