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Problem with gatekeeper registration


I have a Tandberg 2500 that will not keep all of the H323 settings after a restart.  Everytime we restart the system we have to change the call setup from direct to gatekeeper and then set the E.164 alias to get it to register.  All of the other settings stay set.  Any ideas what might cause this.  

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Martin Koch

Is there some kind of management / control system rewriting it?

Not sure how the info is stored on the system. if some eeprom or batterie defect could also cause that.

Think end if sales must be >>>5 years ago. Maybe its just old and wants to die in peace  :-)

Have you seen the quality of a C20 or even a computer based client like Cisco JabberVideo?

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Well I found out that it is s 3000 and not a 2500 and there was startup.prm file overrighting the settings.  The startup file has always been there and they used to only do direct dialing, but they added a MOVI system and needed to register with the gatekeeper.  They have always just dealt with changing the settings each time until now they wanted me to fix it.  The whole system is getting a refresh this summer.

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