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Proplem when power on BE6000 M Falied

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Hi all

I have proplem when i power on BE6000. I can''t go into BIOS, CIMC....( display's notifacation is loading lsi efi sas drives ), and afer error

"please power down system for 2 minutes to attempt recovery cisco......." attach file

What i have to do?

Thank all

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Have you tried to shutdown the server gracefully as per the instruction displayed?

To perform graceful shutdown:

1. Check the color of the power status LED. If the LED is green the server is in main power mode and must be shut down before it can be safely powered off. 

2. Press and release the Power button. The operating system performs a graceful shutdown and the server goes to standby mode, which is indicated by an amber Power Status LED.

3. Disconnect the power cords from the power supplies in your server to completely power off the server. 

Wait for 2 minutes before powering on the server for recovery attempt.

If problem persist you should contact Cisco TAC if your system is covered with service contract for resolution.

There might be a hardware issue on the server or hitting known bug CSCud38069:

Or you might have same issue:





Dear Ace

I do that but i still have had error


Looks like the BIOS cannot detect the MegaRaid card or cannot communicate with the adapter firmware. Make sure the MegaRaid card on the PCIe slot is installed properly and have firmware compatible with the current Cisco IMC and BIOS versions that are installed on the server.

Take a look at this document under "Replacing a PCIe Card" section for the procedures.

Login on CICM and take a look at the status of the MegaRaid.



Hi Ace

I login on CICM but not see MegaRaid 

May be LSI is broken