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[Question] What's the difference between DVP8 and DVC8?

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Level 1

Hi. I'm a novice engineer of Telepresence.

I would like that some experts answer this question.

We have MX200 model, several days ago, MX200's DVP8 touchpad had trouble,

unfortunatly, We don't have spare DVP8 touch, instead, we have DVC8.

So, I think I can use DVC8 control interface for SX20.

But, when I connected the DVC8, MX200 didn't connect and interact it.

I could see just DVC8's own ip-setting and select ip to connect device to integrity.

Do these DVC8 cannot replace of DVP8? it's looks same on looking on eyes.

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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

There are three models of 8-inch touch panel that look very similar, but are designed for different endpoints

CTS-CTRL-DV8= for EX Series

CTS-CTRL-DVC8= for C Series, Profile Series and Quick Set Series

CTS-CTRL-DVP8= for MX Series


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So, I tested connecting with DVC8 to MX200.

When it directly connected, it didn't work.

DVC8-----------MX200 (X)

But, when it connected via Power adapter, it worked.

DVC8-----------Power Adapter--------LAN Cable--------Switch--------MX200  (O)

At that time, The MX200 already connected with DVP8 directly.

At the same time, DVC8 also connected.

Does this MX200 support mutli-touchpad pairing? or wrong working?

Do these MX200 support connecting not only DVP8 but also DVC8 ?

Now, I'm confusing. Does anyone have clear answer?