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Rmx, Vcs Calls forbidden 403, interworked no permission

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Hi Guys,

I'm hoping someone might be able to help. We have an Rmx (sw7.8) which registers fine to the vcsc as a mcu or gateway, (not both as this a known bug). Neighbour zones have been created to the Rmx, with appropriate search rules and the Rmx is registered directly to the vcsc on sw 7.2.1 but when we try and make a call to the rmx we get the error message interworked no permission. Neighboured the control to another vcsc on 5.2 and registered Rmx directly to that vcsc with appropriate search rules and zones and same behaviour. Checked all zones and sub zones for any authenticated credential and set them all to don't check credentials and also checked that inter working is on all vcsc's, still same behaviour. We get this behaviour on 323 and sip and if the Rmx is registered as a mcu or gateway.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It would be interesting to get some more info about the setup, authentication, search rules, transforms, ...

Also some output like the search details of the failed call and how the registraion looks like.

Also what the call flow is. In short the more info the better.

Where do you try to match your search rule, on the neigbor zone to the RMX or the local zone (which would

be the registration).

If you match the neigbor zone I would also check what  format the RMX needs, like with or without the domain.

I would also try to set the neigbor zone to infrastructure and also check if / how you can use sip.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply, it would seem that you can dial directly into a static conference on the Rmx however it would appear where we were going wrong was, by adding the rmx gateway (242) alias (registered to the vcsc) to the e164 number (2001) of the static conference which would fail the call. However if you dial just the e164 number (2001) of the static conference It works. Thought I'd mention it just in case someone else scratches their head :-)

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