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SX80 and Precision 60

Anthony Thomson


I have a client that has a certain room design that calls for an SX80 w/SpeakerTrack 60, plus a 3rd camera (Precision 60).  The design necessitates that the P60 only be active under certain circumstances, i.e. that it is actually disconnected unless required.  This may also true for a microphone or two.

So, we are trying to come up a design where this is possible, but what I do not know is how the SX80 will react if a camera or mic is connected or disconnected while it is powered on.  Is there a problem recognising them, or controlling them?  Does the unit have to be restarted to work with a new camera properly?

Just wondering if anyone has any experience or thoughts regarding this.


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There should be no issue regarding connecting/disconnecting peripherals such as cameras or microphones.  The endpoint will detect if the camera when connected, at which time it will make it available on the Touch 10 so it can be selected and controlled.  The microphone might create a sound, such as a pop, when it's connected or disconnected though.  The best approach is to simply leave everything connected, that way you don't have to worry about connecting anything, especially if the camera and microphone is needed last minute.

Nick Halbert-Lillyman

In addition to Patrick's comments, take note of whether you want to disconnect the Ethernet, HDMI or both.  You'll get different behavior on the codec and Touch 10 depending on what's connected.

I'm thinking it's probably cleaner to disconnect both. Can you describe the behaviors of the codec and the Touch 10 with the 3 different scenarios (Ethernet, HDMI or both)?

I believe if you disconnect either the ethernet or HDMI, the camera will disappear from the Touch 10, since the camera won't be detected or no video input from the camera.

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