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SX80 web interface not accessible while running a PING

Good day all

We have an SX80 installed at a client with some network related issues.  Here is the problem:

  • When running a continuous ping to the SX80's IP and you try and access the Web Interface the ping drops and no access is allowed to the web-interface.  
  • We cannot access the web-interface at all.

My question, is there any settings on the SX80 I need to apply or disable to gain access to the web interface?

Are there any Network related setting\port configurations that will cause this?

Thank you! 

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If you can login to the SX80 using SSH or connect to it via serial, you can run the following command to check what the HTTP(S) service is set to, the available options are: Off, HTTP+HTTPS, HTTPS.

xConfiguration NetworkServices HTTP Mode

Have you performed a software upgrade, or configuration changes recently?  There shouldn't be anything to prevent you from accessing the web interface unless the HTTP service was disbaled.


Seems to have been managed switch related, our own factory reset Netgear switch did the job for now, following up with the onsite networks team in the AM to test.

Good to hear that it's working now, let us know what the problem was if you find out for sure. 

Hello Chris,

I have a similar issue with a brand new SX80.  It does not matter if you are running a ping or not, the moment you try to access the web interface the system crashes and restarts.  The codec is then unreachable for 5-10 minutes before it starts responding to pings again.

Can you please let me know if you found what the problem was with your switch and how you resolved it?

Thank you very much.


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