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TMS and Automatic Software Upgrade feature

Lawrence James

The TMS Automatic Software Upgrade feature seems to be hit or miss on the endpoints in TMS I understand it is only supported for Legacy endpoints but:


Why are only some legacy endpoint getting the software updates notice and auto pulling release keys

Why are service contracts not population for all supported endpoints

What is the official definition of Legacy endpoints - T150, MXP for sure but are C-Series considered legacy now? We have a mix of T150, T1700MXP, Edge75/95, 6000MXP, C40, C60, C90, SX10, SX20, SX80, MX200 G2, E20, EX60, EX90  

Is there anyway to fix this?

trying to open TAC case but I need to be added to customers support contract first.

The software location in TMS is


The Automatic Software Update setting in TMS is

Automatically Check for Updates: Yes

Service URL:

Proxy Settings are blank

Right now  the following system types pulling Contract Status, Date, Software available notice and release keys see attachment for details

MX300 G2       1 of 8

MX200 G2       0 of 5

SX10                0 of 2

SX80                1 of 2

T150                 2 of 120

T1700               8 of 22

6000 MXP         0 of 1

C40                   26 of 59

C60                   2 of 16

C90                   3 of 10

E20                   1 of 4

EDGEXX           7 of 16

I cant find any correlation to system type, location or software version.

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