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TMS check status fails - but does connect to Cisco


Is there a good document to use to troubleshoot a TMS that doesn't get status back from tms checker on cisco. We have over 350 endpoints and getting release keys is critical to doing upgrades. Our TMS is definately (verified with cisco) under SmartNet.


Any help is appreciated.


We get connected to Cisco (see below)


09:54:39,773 [53] ERROR ASP.tandberg_tms_ui_systemnavigator_systemportal_ascx -

System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (501) Not Implemented.

   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream(TransportContext& context)

   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream()

   at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.Invoke(String methodName, Object[] parameters)

   at Tandberg.TMS.Service.SystemUpgrade.SoftwareUpgradeWebService.getLatestSoftware(Software& software, String& message)

   at Tandberg.TMS.Service.SystemUpgrade.SystemUpgradeService.GetLatestSoftware(Software software, SoftwareUpgradeWebService webService)

   at Tandberg.TMS.Service.SystemUpgrade.SystemUpgradeService.CheckForNewTMSAndMoviClientVersions(SoftwareUpgradeWebService webService)

   at Tandberg.TMS.Service.SystemUpgrade.SystemUpgradeService.CheckForSystemUpdates(IList`1 tmsSystems)

   at Tandberg.TMS.UI.SystemNavigator.SystemPortal.btnCheckForUpdatesButton_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)



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Martin Koch

Please always mention the software version you run as well as on which place you encountered the

error message.


What kind of endpoints do you have, on MXP I would guess there is a low chance of

getting something later than F9 and on TC based endpoints from TC6.2 or .3  you do not need

release keys anymore to upgrade to. There are might caveats around that (like some endpoints

ask for a release key to get from the old version to the new and I am not 100% sure if TMS

requires that to upgrade, but at least the scp-based upgrade method without TMS would work

fine for these).

That does not directly address your issue but at least might show you that you can do some workarounds.



When you check under "system navigator" on an endpoint, what is the status shown under

"Service Contract".


What I would ckeck on.


* what URL is configured under "Administrative Tools / Network Settings" Automatic Software update?


The URL might be from old days:

The current one is:


* is your DNS setup ok on the TMS, can it properly resolve external DNS names

* do you have full and transparent http(s) access to external hosts.

* do you have some transparent proxy or static proxy config?

* if you RDP to the TMS and try to access the above listed URLs can you access it? For me it returns some page where you can get some XML overview.



My best guess is that something is not ok with your external web access for the TMS.

Or something else locked up.


If its critical any you have a service contract please consider to escalate this thread

as a service request to Cisco tac.






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Martin -


thanks for the reply - TMS is 13.2.2 on MS Windows server 2008R2 64bit. The endpoints are all under valid smartnet running version 5 to 7 (we are upgrading all to version 7.x now and that is what we need the release keys for). The link has the same behavior with old or new.

I will reinstall the new and also do a firewall check see if we can make headway. If you know of the behavior shown in the log excerpt was hoping to get a direction to look.


Thank you

You don't need a release key for TC7 - as long as there is a valid release key (from any version) on the endpoint, TC7 will work - it has been this way since TC6.1.0.

See this document for details:

You'll also need to manually upload the TC7.x software in to TMS - it won't download and appear in TMS as the earlier TC versions (prior to TC6.1.0) did.

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