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TMS Scheduler


                   When we book meetings using the tms scheduler we get an invalid h323/sip conference address.  The system will connect these endpoints, however if for some reason they disconnected and want to reconnect they will not know the correct conference address.

Here is an example of a conference i setup through tms and a screenshot below and you will see the extra 3 digits(invalid) on the end of a sip address.


we have a fully redundant setup

mcu 5320's(2)   4.4(3.42)

VCS (2)            X7.2.2

vcse                 X7.2.2

conductor         XC2.0.2

tms                  14.1.1

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Zac Colton
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What is the alias pattern you have configured for the Conductor?

- Zac

Zac Colton
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please take a look in:

Page 17:


If the alias is not fixed, you can change the variable part to contain something appropriate for your conference.

As you type in the


field, you will see the preview change to reflect what you are typing. The variable can contain any alphanumeric characters. An example of a variable might be the name of the person who is hosting the conference.


Variable field is pre-populated by Cisco TMS with the first available number (to create a unique address) from 10000 and upwards. Note that this default value is hard-coded in Cisco TMS. If you do not change the variable, the auto-generated address which you can see in the Preview field will be used for the conference.

Does that provide a clear explainantion of the conference aliases that are being created?

- Zac Colton

I see the entry which is listed below......I would like it to contain the actual numbers to be dialed/scheduled/redialed?  Here is what is shows......

Plase read through the section noted above regarding the aliases used. The use of the "%" is a variable, and the TMS will start with 10000 to appending to the alias for the dial URI. If you wish to use a static alias, You would need to configure the TMS as such.

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