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Touch 10 Custom Controls - Mute Ceiling Microphones

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We are installing new AV equipment in a divisible training room that has ceiling mics and handheld mics. Today we have AMX which we are removing for Crestron and we can presently mute/unmute the ceiling mics and just leave the handheld or lavalier mics as active for presenters. What I would like to obtain from the group is any suggestions on how to setup a command on the touch 10 that would be connected to a Crestron controller to allow for this button. Note: The audio input into the codec (SX80) is a line in.


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Jonathan Schulenberg
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All you can do on the Touch 10 is define the button. The Crestron control processor (and the programmer who implements it) will need to register for and monitor feedback events from the codec and act upon them.

Thanks for this input. There has been a slight change to my question now. We are separating out the mic inputs to the codec with Mic 1 being ceiling mics and Mic 2 being lavaliere and handheld mics. From there, we want to have the ability to mute Mic 1 and leave Mic 2 active and vice versa. 


I understand that labeling the buttons is primary function on Touch 10 however; isn't there a command within the codec that I can put behind that button to do this?

I did a little more research since my last post. So what I think I am looking for is the ability via API to mute mic 1 or mic 2. I do not see that as an available xCommand but want to confirm that I am not missing any recent updates to API's. All I see is the ability to mute all mics...not a specific mic: (xCommand Audio Microphones Mute)


As a workaround to this I was considering running an xConfiguration command to simply change the mode of mic1/2 to off however; I am not seeing a way to get an xStatus on the mode of said mic1/2. Is this correct?

The Mic Mute is an all or nothing.  An alternate option is to turn the mic on or off.

xConfiguration Audio Input Microphone [n] Mode: On | Off

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