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Tranform MCU Prefix to use SIP Protocol

Mohammed Haiderali

I have ex90s that dial 80 which is a MCU Prefix to dial the MCU. The ex90 set by default uses SIP to call only. SIP calling H323 uses up traversal license. How do I go about being able to dial 80 or and h323 ID and the VCS amending to make that a SIP call where its possiable. 

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Martin Koch

If you use a prefix then it might be suitable to set up a neighbor zone to the MCU and match that

with the same priority then the local zone with the prefix registration and strip away the 80 to match

it on the mcu.

But it all depends on how your all over setup looks and might even differ what services you support

(tms booking, pre defined meeting rooms, multiway, ... if presence is neded, and so on, ...)

If you use the VCS-C you have 100 traversal call licenses anyhow. The binding of the media might be more critical.

What is the  reason that you need to have sip as the default call protocol? maybe using h323 directly fixes your issue as well :-)

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Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

As Martin mention, you can…,

  • Create neighbor zone on VCS toward to MCU and enable SIP only
  • Create search rule with prefix “80” pointing to MCU neighbor zone just created in above (if conference alias starting 80, you don’t need to strip it).

SIP neighbor zone configuration

Prefix 80 search rule pointing to MCU

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