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Two TCS Server Deployment- Without clustering License

Dear Team,

I have a TP Collaboration deployment with VCS/TMS/TCS for Different types of Endpoints.

We have two Content Servers for recording, but the cluster license is not ordered. Do we have any other deployment options without clustering(since cluster license is missing) for two TCS servers?


Appreciate your comments.

Thanks ,




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Jens Didriksen
Level 9
Level 9

Just run them as two stand-alone servers. We've been running three stand-alone TCS servers for years, works fine. See the admin guide relevant for the version you are running and configure each accordingly.


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Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Jens is correct, without the cluster licenses, the only option you have is to run each as a standalone TCS.  The downside is, they each will have there own independent database and video library, separate from each TCS.  The only way to have a combined video library is to cluster them, you'd have to purchase the cluster option key for each TCS.

+5 to each of the responses above.  That's exactly what we did to start with, then eventually purchased the cluster licencing for them.  We had half our recording aliases configured on one box, and half on the other, and a manual process to replicate them one way or the other in the event of a failure of one of the devices (so they'd keep the same E.164).

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