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Using Cisco InTouch to trigger event on a Crestron controller?

Torje Odegard
Level 1
Level 1

Is it possible to have the Cisco InTouch panel/system trigger an event on a ethernet enabled Crestron controller?
(The codec does not have GPIO outputs so I believe it has to be done over ethernet if possible)


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Lawrence James
Level 1
Level 1

If the codec can be connected to the Crestron on a serial I/O then you could use a feedback output from the codec based on a setting change from the InTouch.

Otherwise the only way I would say this is possible is if the InTouch or CODEC outputs feedback over Ethernet that then could be used to trigger the event you desire.

Actually, I am shocked I did not think about that... I was too hung up in the Cisco actually sending a command to the Crestron... The Crestron should just monitor the settings change like you say. Should do the trick. Thanks