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Using TMS for scheduled calls in a SIP only environment Content Server

David Anstee

We have a customer who has a SIP only setup comprising for Cisco MXP and Cisco C-Series endpoints, an MCU and Content Server.

Question 1: In TMS if you leave each device capable of incoming and outgoing calls to H323 IP and SIP, the preferred call route appears to be in order; 1. H323, 2 IP, 3 SIP. Is there anyway to change this default behaviour without having to change the call preferences on each device within TMS?

Question 2: We are having issues getting TMS to recognise the SIP URI's configured in the Content Server. The TCS is registered to the VCS with various SIP URI's for each of the services being offered. However when scheduling in TMS the TMS reports no route possible?



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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I'm kind of interested to know the answer to Question 1 as well, as something like that could pertain to other endpoints that support multiple protocols.

Kjetil Ree
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Question 1: There is unfortunately no elegant way to do this in TMS 13.x; you need to change the call preferences for all systems individually.

The good news: This behavior will change in the next TMS feature release later this year. We will now prioritize SIP over IP for calls between systems in the same IP Zone. (we'll also add a fallback option "Prefer IP over SIP" for customers who prefer to give priority to IP, but I wouldn't expect anyone to actually want to do that )

Question 2: That is strange, this should work. I'm not sure what to suggest though, without further details about your setup.

Hei Kjetil!

Maybe it would be handy to have a capability to change the in/outbound settings for ALL  or better

groups of endpoints with some kind of template.

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Garvan Long

How are you scheduling in TMS, are you seleciting a recording alias in the recording  drop down box or via scheduler or adding a phonebook or room for the TCS alias

We are scheduling by using the recording drop down box, all of the recording configurations are there, and in TCS we have changed the recording alias to be configured for SIP, but TMS reports no route to destination?

Any ideas?


Is it a point to point to point call (TCS & 1 other endpoint ) or multipoint call. If multipoint who is hosting the call?.

can you create a scheduled  point to point call with an endpoint and  the dialed  TCS alias

Can you sucesfully create the call manually, same call rate and call direction ?

If you create a room with a sip URI in the same format as the TCS alias does TMS build a route for the call.

If you register theTCS alias as a h323 alias with the same URI does the route get built ( will be interworked but give you some info to narrow down the probelm)

Hi Garvan,

The same happend with either a P2P or MP, the call route is not built.

I have had to revert back to h323 and let the VCS interwork, not ideal but appears to be the only way to make it work with TMS correctly

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