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VC System Upgrade


Dear Experts,

We are going to upgrade all our VC system (with Provisioning Enabled and no FindMe replication) which is consists of:

2 TMS servers (v.12.6) (one is for backup purpose)

2 clustered VCS Controls (X5.1.1)

2 clustered VCS Expressways (X5.1.1)

2 MCUs Codian 4510 (4.0(1.44))

1 Codian IP GW 3510 (2.0(1.7))

16 Edge 95/1700 MXPs (F8.1\F8.2 PAL)

25 Movi Clients (v.4.2.0)

My plan to upgrade is:

1)      Upgrade VCS Control from X5 to X6.1, following “Cluster creation and maintenance deployment guide (X6.1)” create cluster then upgrade from X6.1 to X7.0.3

2)      Upgrade VCS Expressways from X5 to X6.1 , following “Cluster creation and maintenance deployment guide (X6.1)” create cluster then upgrade from X6.1 to X7.0.3

3)      Upgrade TMS (which in use) from 12.6 to 13.1.2 and then follow the instructions in the Cisco TMS Provisioning Deployment Guide enable provisioning across the VCS Control cluster

4)      Upgrade MCUs to v.4.2(1.50)

5)      Upgrade Endpoints to F 9.1.1

6)      Upgrade IP Gateway to 2.0(1.11)

Could you please advice if my plan is OK as it really essential?

Many Thanks,

Looking forward to your replay

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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


This seems fine, remember to backup important data like the provisioning data. (TMSAgent backup) from TMS.

The TMSNG backend TMS database can be nice to have a copy of so you can roll back if something goes wrong.

However this is best practices and you probably already have control over this stuff.

All in all I don´t see any obvious issues with your plan, although there are a lot of potential things that can go wrong so therefore make backups! If something goes wrong you can always raise a TAC case and get assistance.


Dear Magnus,

Thanks a lot for your prompt replay and kind support. Should I have release keys for VCS X6.1, as we received only Product Part Number like XXX-VCS-XXXX-XX from the partner, I suppose this is for VCS v.X7 only or we can use it for X6.1 and X7?

With Best wishes and Regards,


Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Nikolay

You will need release keys for X6 and X7 in order to follow the planned upgrade pattern. The keys are unique for each major version, X5,X6,X7 etc. so you cannot use the same RK on X6 as X7 i.e. 

If you contact the partner they should be able to provide you with these keys as long as there is a valid serivce contract in order.


Thanks a lot indeed.



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