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When to create a new, more specific Expressway cluster

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Hello all,


We have a cluster of Expressways that currently handle MRA and a separate older cluster of VCS's that act as registrars for several hundred non-CUCM compliant SIP and H323 devices.


Recently we were kicking around the idea of collapsing the VCS cluster into the Expressway cluster by registering those devices directly to the Expressway C.  


After which we're considering removing our CMS edge and leveraging the existing Expressway E to act as the edge for our CMS environment.


Now that you have some background, here's my question:


Is there a best practice as to how many services should be run on a single Expressway cluster?  We'd be doing

1. MRA

2. B2B 

3. SIP Registrar/H323 gatekeeper

4. CMS Edge


I'm a bit hesitant to sink this many hooks all into one cluster, but I can't find any hard recommendations to split them up, or the best way to divide those services across a few clusters.


Has anyone else been down this path already?  If so, are you running them all on one cluster?  


My main concern is a scenario where we'd be needing to upgrade the cluster due to a bug involving MRA but that new version not supporting H323 registrations properly, or something to that affect.


Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions

Yes, if you start using Webex Edge Audio and Hybrid services, I would use a dedicated Expressway C/E cluster for this.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

As long as you are not doing any Hybrid Webex or Microsoft Gateway, I would leave all four of these services on the same cluster.  I do no have any device registrations, they all go to CUCM, but I do have MRA, and B2B calling all on the same cluster with Hybrid / Video Mesh on another.  If Cisco allowed them to be combined, I would not hesitate to make it one cluster.


Please just make sure to check the Sizing guide for proper resource requirements.


Thanks for the reply.  


It's funny you should bring up webex as we're now also looking to leverage these expressways for webex edge audio.


Does this change your opinion on whether not adding a new cluster makes sense at this point?



Yes, if you start using Webex Edge Audio and Hybrid services, I would use a dedicated Expressway C/E cluster for this.