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Donald Dentice
Cisco Employee

Cisco EX Video End Point - "Lost Connection with control device"

My client has a few EX end points that at the same time all have an issue with the end point communication with the touch panel. The message on the EX60/90 says "Lost Connection with the Control Device" Also the touch panel is not illuminated or working at all. Resetting the connection/cable and also power cycling the unit does not work.

We also tried swapping touch panels from working systems and that didn't work either. The customer recently lost power in their facility and all their Video Infra these are provisioned on rebooted (Pilot equipment and not connected to UPS). The EX's are all provisioned against UCM and the UCM server rebooted.

Anyone else experience this?


Excuse me,

I know that it had been a long, long time after your notification here. But, I have just experienced the same problem this week and you are the only matching comment to have exactly the same problem with me.

Is there -by any chance- that you could remember what was the solution to your problem then?


What is the exact model of your EX endpoint, firmware and touch panel model?

It is Cisco TelePresence System EX90

Product ID: CTS-CTRL-DV8

I don't have any idea of the firmware, but I'm sure that I didn't update it or something.


I will really appreciate if you could offer any kind of solution.

For TelePresence systems where the Touch 8 device is connected directly, such as with the EX90 and EX60 systems, a "Lost connection with control device" message which indicates that the system is unable to connect to a Touch 8 device is displayed on the EX system screen. The IP address shown underneath the message is the IP address of the EX itself.


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