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Steve Deslandes

TMS 15 with API commands issue

Hello, we have recently upgraded our TMS from version 13.2.2 to version 15.4.4. We are using an external portal that books conference in TMS using API commands. Since the upgrade we found out that there seems to be an issue if trying to create or modify a conference within 15 minutes of it's start time. For example, if I schedule a conference at 1:32pm to start at 1:35pm, the logs show the following (Iris Laval is our API user):

5/23/17 1:32:00 PM         ConferenceInfo                Iris Laval                               Instance: Created, start time 05/23/2017 13:35:00 -04:00

5/23/17 1:32:00 PM         ConferenceInfo                Iris Laval                               Conference: Created

When time reaches 1:35pm, we can see the conference appear in the Conference Control Center but it never starts and the conference never gets created on the bridge either. We found that if you do it 15 minutes before your start time, it works and you get the following in the logs:

5/20/17 4:15:00 PM         ConferenceActive                                                           Instance: Started

5/20/17 4:14:00 PM         CallInfo                                                 Instance: Display 1 minute message

5/20/17 4:10:00 PM         CallInfo                                                 Instance: Display 4 minute message

5/20/17 4:00:02 PM         ConferenceInfo                                                                Instance: Registered

2/10/17 2:58:03 PM         ConferenceInfo                Iris Laval                               Instance: Created

So the difference we see is that 15 minutes before my event is scheduled to start, there is a message "instance: Registered" that appears and then my event goes on no problems.

What I would like to know is if it is possible to lower this minimum standard from 15 minutes to lets say 5 minutes?

Also, this problem only seems to apply for bookings done thru the API commands. If I do a manual conference creation directly in TMS (using the same Iris Laval user), then I don't seem to have to worry about that 15 minutes and there doesn't seem to be any need to have this message "instance: registered" in the logs either for it to work.

Is this a problem or just the way the newest version of TMS works?

Thank you for getting back to me




The registering conference event happens 15 minutes prior to a conference where the TMSSchedulerService registers the conference with the TMSLiveService, the timing of this registration cannot be changed.


  • Starts and stops scheduled conferences.
  • Monitors ongoing conferences and the updated status of those conferences.
  • Executes commands against ongoing conferences.

Not sure what the difference is between using the web interface and the API to book a conference, perhaps the web interface triggers something on the backend whereas the API doesn't, obviously the workaround is to use the web interface.

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