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Hello,I need to retrieve the information about the configured speed and duplex mode, so if the port is configured in auto mode, I need to know it's auto negotiate. For this I use the Cisco-IOS-XE-interface-common YANG model but I have an issue. When ...

leoo1 by Level 1
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Hello all, Hope you're doing good.I'm trying to netconf on my CSR1kv router which I have hosted on my ESXi server.When I'm trying to debug this code:from ncclient import manager from devices import router1 netconf_filter = open("filter-ietf-interfac...

amiruka06 by Level 1
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Hi,What is the purpose of having multiple connections described in testbed file? Is it possible to choose one among others for connection?For example:devices:  R1:    os: ios    type: ios    connections:      a:        protocol: ssh        ip: 192.16...

aidariys5 by Level 1
  • 3 replies
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Hello, I am observing Module errors during conversions JSON <-> XML when using wildcards in the unit name leaf. XML Code <configuration xmlns=""> <class-of-service xmlns="

ldacol by Level 1
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I am happy to announce that YDK- has been released and available for download from CiscoDevNet repository.The release includes the following changes comparing with release 0.8.6:New features and enhancementsImproved installation script to allo...

yangorelik by Spotlight
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Has anyone used Netmiko to import certificates into router configurations via terminal?  We're running into errors with the cert import after issuing the command:  crypto pki trustpool import terminal  

pleonard1 by Level 1
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Hello, I am trying to find the correct netconf/yang string to get the equivalent of "show bgp vrf XXX neighbor x.x.x.x recevied routes" in IOS-XR.  It doesn't seem to be under bgp/instances/instance/instance-active/vrfs/vrf/neighbors/neighbor. Any he...

Hello   My goal is to run TRex 4.5.6 GUI, and therefore I have stuck with Trex 2.87 has the last version that still support that API for the GUI.   OS is CentOS 7.6.1810 (64bit) - I ran an update to reach CentOS 7.9 and same problem persists.   Howev...

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